Paul Finch – HUNTED – His writing routine.

Thursday, May 7th 2015


With HUNTED – the latest DS Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg novel being unleashed today – I am very pleased to welcome former cop and journalist Paul Finch to kick off his blog tour here and to offer an insight into how his writing routine works for him.

Questions concerning daily writing routines are quite difficult to answer for me, mainly because I don’t think I have a recognisable routine that I repeat every day. In general terms, I’m quite haphazard in my normal approach. However, when I’m writing a novel I tend to be a lot more focussed, so perhaps I can widen the terms of this discussion slightly.

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Charlaine Harris drops by – Midnight Crossroad – Thanks to @SophieSFF @gollancz

Wednesday, May 7th 2014


I’m very pleased and honoured to be part of the blog tour for Charlaine Harris and the launch of her new series ‘Midnight Crossroad’.

I had a few questions to ask the author about her work:

KBW: Was anything for Midnight Crossroad from something you had planned or written anything about in the past, or was this a case of sitting at a completely blank screen and making a totally fresh start?

CH: Some of the characters are people I created in past series – some of them from very long ago – but they’re all doing different things now and meeting up in this small Texas town.…

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Max Allan Collins drops by to discuss his writing and ‘Seduction of the Innocent’.

Sunday, March 17th 2013

Having recently enjoyed the latest novel, Seduction of the Innocent, from the ever-prolific Max Allan Collins, I was honoured that he dropped by to answer a few questions here about his work and his life of crime (writing):

1. At the end of 2011, Crimespree magazine did a cover feature on you and your work celebrating 40 years in print – a heck of an achievement ! Do you have a favourite book, or series, from your vast canon of work to date?

My favorite series, and the work of mine that I think has the best shot at surviving, is Nathan Heller. …

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Ryan David Jahn at Harrogate

Sunday, January 13th 2013

A VERY long overdue with Ryan David Jahn at the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, Harrogate 2012.

I’m very grateful for Ryan taking the time to do this interview as his arrival at Harrogate was a bit of a whirlwind and, at the time I was about to start interviewing him he was mid-way through trying to find out if his lost luggage had reached the UK (and indeed Harrogate) and was only just getting to know a group of his biggest fans on the lawn outside the hotel.

I can only apologise to @RebeccaJBradley for being the arse who nabbed the author away just as she was getting her chance to tell him just how much she loved ‘The Dispatcher’ – I hope she got the chance to do so later in the weekend – but here’s her review just in case, by way of an apology.…

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Author Interview: Arne Dahl

Saturday, September 22nd 2012

After reading, and loving, ‘The Blinded Man’, for which you can read my review here, I was honoured to be given the chance to sit down for a conversation with author Arne Dahl during this year’s Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate.

My thanks to Arne, his wife (who kindly took the photograph) and his publishers for arranging the meeting.

KBW: I absolutely loved your first book, but now I have to wait until next year for ‘Bad Blood’ is that correct?

AD: Yes, it seems to be coming out in the summer of next year – I’ve had to wait a little bit for the English translations to be done.…

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Harrogate Hitlist: An Interview with Harry Bingham

Tuesday, July 17th 2012

You’ve written a few books before now. Why turn to crime?

A few reasons, but the main one was that I started to think hard about what a crime novel really needed. What kind of detective? What kind of mystery? What do readers want from a crime novel in a world that’s absorbed Patricia Cornwell, Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell and so on? The more I started to think about those things, the more my central character – Fiona Griffiths – started to come alive for me. And after a certain point, she just took over. I literally started dreaming about the book.…

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Wednesday, June 27th 2012

Following on from my review of the rather excellent ‘Lady, Go Die!’, prolific author and all round good guy Max Allan Collins kindly gave up some of his time to answer a few questions I had about his writing and what we can expect next from his furious and unstoppable crime output:

Can you tell us any more about the other two lost Mickey Spillane books you’ve been working on ? (Complex 90 and King of the Weeds) and are there any other treasures to follow on from those, or has the lost treasure vault of Mr Spillane now about run dry ?

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Tony Parsons on ‘Catching the Sun’, writing, and the promise of a crime novel !

Saturday, May 26th 2012

I was recently very impressed with the perfect summer read ‘Catching the Sun’ by Tony Parsons.

You can read my review here.

And Tony was kind enough to drop by to answer a few questions I had after reading the book:

I loved the book and can only assume that you are a regular visitor to the area of Phuket ? Can you tell me what drew you to set the book there?

I had been going to Thailand for over 20 years – I first went there for a wedding – but I had never been to Phuket until a few years ago.…

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Penny Hancock drops in to talk about TIDELINE

Monday, January 23rd 2012

If you’ve read my recent review, or anyone else’s review of Penny Hancock’s debut novel, Tideline, then you’ll already know of the buzz it’s creating.

Penny was good enough to drop by for a chat about the book and its writing:

KBW: I thoroughly enjoyed TIDELINE –  a magnificent crime debut, did you always set out to write a crime book?

Penny Hancock: No! I’m afraid I’d always shied away from what I thought of as ‘crime’ although I love psychological thrillers. I particularly like the idea of dark things going on under the surface of apparently respectable, upstanding  citizens.  And I’ve always written short stories in this kind of genre.…

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Stuart Neville drops in for a chat

Friday, January 6th 2012

Ahead of the release of his fantastic third novel, Stolen Souls, out in Hardback 26thJan 2012 from Harvill Secker, Stuart Neville kindly dropped by for a quick interview about his books and the world of Crime Fiction.

I’d had the pleasure of meeting Stuart only once before, at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival where, like a fool, I asked him to sign my copy of ‘The Twelve’ when I spotted him at the next table on quiz night.  It probably means I’m the only person whose signed copy reads ‘I hope we get more points than you!’ And his table certainly did, which to be honest wasn’t hard to achieve as the team I was part of, well – we were rubbish.…

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