Girl, Missing – by Sophie McKenzie

Tuesday, December 28th 2010


When this release from Simon and Schuster came through the door, my 10 year old daughter leapt upon it, having heard great things about Sophie McKenzie’s books from her schoolfriends.

So, hey, I decided to let her have first read – she had the book at 5pm that evening and stayed up until she closed the book at 11pm – needless to say, I think she enjoyed it !

Here’s what Georgia had to say;

I could not put this book down!

Thrilling suspense was in every jam packed page, making you want to know the end so soon- was Lauren kidnapped?

Who are her mum and dad?

Questions like these haunted me for the time that I was reading this book because you feel like you are captured in the moment… from Lauren and her friend Jam venturing on their own to America, to when she thinks she discovers her face on a missing children’s website!

This book is a must have for all adventure lovers over 11!!!

My rating: 10/10!

Georgia Walters (Guest reviewer – Childrens’ books)

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