The 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison – REVIEW NUMBER 2 (Georgia’s view).

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

A few posts back I reviewed this (the first in Michelle Harrison’s trilogy) and I am looking forward to meeting Michelle, along with other authors, tomorrow at her Publishers (Simon & Schuster).

When I received my copy, my daughter raced to get her own copy from her room – she’d yet to read it – and so a race commenced.

I won.

But, now, here’s Georgia’s review of The 13 Treasures:

This book was brilliant right from the start!

Every page was filled with faeries and mysteries, leaving me up all night just thinking about it.

I love the way the story unravels at the end and the everlasting thrilling suspense given to the main characters Tanya and Fabian.

My star rating for The 13 Treasures is 5 out of 5 !

Georgia Walters

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