Midnight Special

Monday, April 18th 2016

UnknownYes, it’s Starman, Close Encounters, ET, Firestarter and a lot of other great movies from the past mashed up and blended together – but that’s what made it so good, in my opinion – it took the best elements of all of those and turned them into s great sci-fi road movie.

To hear Adam Driver utter the words ‘Red Sabre’ before he even knew he’d go on to play Kylo Ren, to see Michael Shannon being asked what Kryptonite is – ‘The only thing that can kill Superman’ – having failed to do so in his own attempts to bring the Man of Steel to his knees in recent movies – it was all good.

With a small but perfectly formed cast, this is an event road movie that I feel will be certain to achieve cult status amongst sci-fi and general movie fans.

Midnight Special is on general cinema release in the UK now.

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