Challenge 30 – get author feedback or editorial services for a great price and help a good cause too

Tuesday, December 22nd 2015

You may have seen a few mentions about this on Twitter, as Avon’s Editorial Director Helen Huthwaite (seen below as a Christmas pudding) has been putting herself through monstrous challenges this year in a bid to raise £30,000 for her charity S.A.L.V.E., which aims to build a house for children living on the streets in Uganda. ‘Challenge 30’ means she has been running marathons, swimming in lakes, competing in triathlons and more, and putting the rest of Team Avon to shame.
This Christmas, she’s offering a pretty special opportunity for writers.

She’s compiled a BRILLIANT list of agents, authors and Editors, who are offering their services as a gift to aspiring writers. This is a chance for you or someone you know to buy their editorial insight, as they will read an in-depth synopsis and the first 3,000 words of a manuscript, providing constructive editorial feedback, guidance and advice to the writer. This gift costs £60 for author feedback and £70 for editorial feedback, and all proceeds will be going to charity.

Her website can be found here:!how-it-works/tz1dc
And there’s recently been an article about it on The Bookseller here:

So, go on…what are you waiting for?

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