The Cruelty of Morning by Hilary Bonner

Monday, December 21st 2015

John Blake Publishing Ltd 25th December 2015, EB, £5.99

‘A darkly erotic thriller. Mesmerising, fast, and compulsive’


image001John Blake Publishing is delighted to announce the eBook publication of The Cruelty of Morning, Hilary Bonner’s powerful debut novel, which caused a storm in the then relatively cosy world of crime fiction when it was first published in 1995.

Indeed the sexual content was so strong that Hilary was asked to tone it down – the first time in their hundred- year-plus history that her publishers Heinemann had made such a request of a first-time author.

The book revolves around a twenty-five year old murder, a missing girl and a destructive love affair in a small seaside town…

It is the first Sunday in August 1970. A lone swimmer, Jennifer Stone, strikes out from the shore of Pelham Bay, deep into the blue. With her eyes closed against the sun’s sparkle, she floats blissfully into the rigid corpse of a young woman in a tattered red dress.

The next day, a local girl disappears. She is never found.

Twenty-five years later, Jennifer, now a Fleet Street journalist, returns to visit her mother’s home in Pelham Bay. Upon opening the local newspaper, she discovers that the failed investigations into the young woman’s death and the girl’s disappearance have been reopened. But what did exactly happen that blazing August a quarter of a century ago?

It’s in Jennifer’s hands to uncover the secrets of the murders and make this long-buried mystery come to light…

About the Author: Hilary Bonner is the author of twelve crime novels and psychological thrillers. Her most recent novel, Death Comes First, was published in October 2015. She has also written five non-fiction books and a number of short stories. A former chair of the Crime Writers’ Association, she was for many years a Fleet Street journalist, show-business editor of three national newspapers, and assistant editor of one. She is now a full-time writer, living between rural Somerset and London’s Covent Garden.

‘A compelling thriller which skilfully weaves together passion, tragedy and sinister obsession’ COMPANY


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