The Bluffer’s Guide to MURDER

Tuesday, October 27th 2015

‘If you don’t know what you’re doing – killing people can be murder’

Coming this Halloween | The Bluffer’s® Guide to Murder by Dr James Hamlin


“If I’d read this years ago, I wouldn’t be in prison right now. The chapter about becoming forensically aware is definitely essential reading”


Ever wanted to get away with murder? Well, now you can…

Written by crime expert Dr James Hamlin, The Bluffer’s® Guide to Murder is the only book on the market to offer would-be killers simple step-by-step advice on murder – from planning to execution.

Learn how to successfully destroy trace evidence at a murder site, how to satisfy the authorities with your carefully-prepared alibi and how to hold your own in the interview room against even the most tenacious police detectives.

The Bluffer’s® Guide to Murder not only coaches the reader on how to commit murder – but also, crucially, on how to get away with it.

Packed with fun facts and dazzling trivia, chapters cover famous murderers from history, discuss the merits of different methods and weapons, and explore the latest forensic techniques used by the police.

A 5-million-copy bestselling series, The Bluffer’s Guides® have been helping people out of sticky situations for over four decades – and this might be the trickiest situation yet!

The original book series was described by The Sunday Telegraph as containing ‘an amazing amount of solid fact disguised as frivolous observation’ and hailed by The Daily Mail as providing a ‘means to apparent instant erudition without actually having to know or study anything.’

Bluffer’s® mission is to eradicate social embarrassment and personal discomfort from this world – and, with this new release, they’re well on their way to doing just that.

Dr James Hamlin

James Hamlin is a British-born lecturer in Criminal Psychology at Cullowhee University, North Carolina, USA. His current research focuses on the behavioural and physiological effects of cognitive load whilst engaged in ‘murderous deception’.

James’s chosen field of study is how killers engaged in ‘high stake’ deception respond verbally, non-verbally and physiologically. This ongoing research involves cooperation with national and international governments and police. He is also acknowledged as one of the one of the world’s leading forensic experts and, to date, has advised on more than seventy murder cases, spanning three continents.

In his spare time, James hosts an exclusive ‘by invitation only’ Ripperologist podcast and leads a band of Cornish floral dancers.

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