RIP Henning Mankell: An Event in Autumn

Sunday, August 23rd 2015

Sad to hear of the loss of Wallander’s creator, Henning Mankell, after battling cancer for some time.

He leaves behind a legacy of great reading and, as a result, some superb crime television too.

Recently I read and thoroughly enjoyed this one:




Published by Vintage

4192b3qYgRL._AA160_Although written some years ago, and selected as one of the stories adapted for the Kenneth Branagh incarnation of the Swedish detective for the BBC television series, An Event in Autumn is only just about to see the light of day as a published novella in the UK in September,thanks to Vintage Books.

Some cases aren’t as cold as you’d think

Kurt Wallander’s life looks like it has taken a turn for the better when his offer on a new house is accepted, only for him to uncover something unexpected in the garden – the skeleton of a middle-aged woman.

As police officers comb the property, Wallander attempts to get his new life back on course by finding the woman’s killer with the aid of his daughter, Linda. But when another discovery is made in the garden, Wallander is forced to delve further back into the area’s past.

I’ve always found ‘Detective’s on holiday or at home finding or solving crimes’ a bit of a tough pill to swallow, after all most of us in our day jobs don’t find we end up doing the same things in our home lives, but this was a definite exception to the rule.

Told tightly and swiftly, this is a great little book – a perfect introduction to the character of Wallander to those who’ve yet to discover him, and a welcome additional chapter for the man for those of whom have loved him for years in any of his carnations in Mankell’s numerous novels or the many television versions.

Just goes to prove once again as to what a master of Scandi crime Henning Mankell is.

The book also features a couple of nice pieces by the author on the gestation of the book and on his relationship with the character, as well as the opening of the first Wallander novel ‘Faceless Killers.’

You can pre-order your copy HERE.


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