The Hunt by T.J.Lebbon

Tuesday, June 23rd 2015

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I took on the challenge of The Hunt in two bursts of frenetic reading – with a necessary pause to refuel on the energy snacks and drinks, plus a change of footwear, required to get me through.

From the gripping opening chapter, I was caught and sent headlong down a trail of mystery and thrills.

It’s an intensive run through Chris Sheen’s nightmare chase through an unforgiving landscape, dodging and yet willing on the pursuit by those out to hunt and kill him, whilst trying to ensure that his kidnapped family will be set free from the sinister group who hold them captive.

Whilst the idea of hunting a human prey for entertainment by the rich might not be a new idea (are there such things as new ideas anyway?) and has been seen before in Richard Bachman’s (Stephen King’s) futuristic tale The Running Man, The Hunger Games and, closer still, in director John Woo’s movie Hard Target, this is nevertheless a fresh take on that theme and a very intense and rewarding read it is too.

Lebbon clearly knows his stuff when it comes to running, and the detail only adds to the excitement of the read, putting the reader quite literally in his shoes – most definately a case of where ‘write what you know’ pays off big time.

Having the secondary but equally important story strand of the character of Rose baiting the group known as ‘The Trail’ for the kidnapping and murder of her own family is a masterstroke and adds a valuable layer to the story and its many twists and turns along its treacherous path.

Lace up and get running – you can thank me if and when you reach the finish line….but, finish the book you most certainly will.

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