Through Dead Eyes by Chris Priestley

Monday, April 20th 2015

Published by Bloomsbury

61LjtexIWyLI recently put a request out on twitter for recommendations of crime and horror books set in Amsterdam so I could get some themed reading done ahead of a visit there later this year.

Amongst the title suggestions for me to check out was ‘Through Dead Eyes’ by Chris Priestley.

Here’s the amazon blurb:

Alex joins his father on a business trip to Amsterdam. During the day he hangs out with the daughter of a family friend. They visit the usual sights but also coffee shops and flea markets off the beaten track. At one of these markets Alex spots an ancient-looking mask. Before he knows what he’s doing he buys it. Later, in his hotel room, he feels compelled to put the mask on. Alex is sucked into a parallel Amsterdam, one from centuries before which begins to reveal the dark past of both the building he is staying in and the little girl who once lived there . . . edging stealthily towards the terrible twist.

Although you’ll most likely find this book in the YA section of your book shops, it’s a great read for older readers too – a cracking supernatural tale with memorable scenes right out of your worst nightmares.

Reading this so soon after reading Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge has made me appreciate what great YA horror there is out there.  I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes open for more now, and will step into Amsterdam’s museums and markets with more than a little trepidation when I go there in a couple of months time.

Through Dead Eyes can be ordered from amazon HERE.


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