Festive Freebie #4: Open Wounds – FREE download ebook for 48 hrs.

Thursday, December 19th 2013

Okay, now it’s the turn of my supernatural novella ‘Open Wounds’ to get the Festive Freebie treatment.

‘escaping fate was just the beginning…’


Free to download HERE.

Hope you enjoy.

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Sophie was due to be on a plane in the New York skies on 11th September 2001. 
She wasn’t, and has always thought that her grandmother did something very special to prevent that happening. 
Sophie escaped fate but has been haunted ever since by nightmares of those who may yet to be discovered from the aftermath of that fateful day. 

Jake does everything he can to comfort and protect his friend as the nightmares threaten to burst into her waking world and then, somehow, they start to break into his life too. 

Fires are burning. 
Dark angels are falling. 
And time is running out to discover the lost.

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