Last Flight Out – (A Horror Bites Challenge)

Tuesday, December 16th 2014

Thanks to Laura over at Office Mango for another Horror Bites Challenge.

200-350 words based on this picture.

Here goes…..

We’d made it.

That was all that went through my mind, over and over.

We’d got out of hell.

Somehow I’d managed it – my whole family, all I held dear was here beside me on the last flight out of Newark airport.

There were no more planes left, we’d left nothing but barren tarmac behind.
That and any poor soul that didn’t get a pass, the ‘left behind’ – just them and the already infected.
But there was no time.…

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Boy in the box

Sunday, November 23rd 2014

Well, November’s racing along as it always does and, once again, my attempt at 50,000 words for Nanowrimo is being a real struggle.

However, in a bit of a furious writing session yesterday I did find an excuse to shoehorn in just under 250 words as part of that novel ‘The Very Last Night’ which is about witchcraft in a form that might just suit the latest ‘Horrorites’ challenge laid down by Laura Jamez over on her blog:

As usual, she threw out a photo prompt (see below), and I figured this one could easily be the work of one of the witch’s disciples in my novel, so here you go…

‘Don’t touch it.’…

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#October – Twenty (20 vision) – #HalloweenMonth #amwriting

Monday, October 20th 2014

If she’d had the gift she’d always longed for, hindsight or twenty twenty vision, then Wendy might just have seen it coming.
But, she hadn’t and so she didn’t.

Kids appearing in Halloween masks and costumes seemed to be happening earlier and earlier each year, so she hadn’t really thought much of it. The stuff was in the stores, so why not let them have more than just the one night of fun with it, that was her initial thought when she saw them there gathered on the street corner.

‘Great costumes.’ She commented as she walked towards them and made her way into the store.…

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#October – 16 (never been kissed) – #HalloweenMonth #amwriting

Sunday, October 19th 2014




‘I won’t sing the song – I promise – but, all the same, ‘Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen!’ Glen chimed, handing over a brightly wrapped gift box. ‘I got you this.’ He said. ‘Nothing fancy, but I hope you like it.’

Kelly took the present and smiled sweetly.
‘Thank you. You really didn’t have to.’

‘I know, but I did, so there you go.’
Glen held his arms wide.
‘And you, young lady, can just feel free to thank me in any way you want.…

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#October – 19 (the last room left) – #HalloweenMonth #amwriting

Sunday, October 19th 2014

‘You’re in luck.’
That’s what the woman at the front desk had said on retrieving the key to his room from the rack of wooden pigeon-holes on the wall behind the counter.
‘Just the one room left – we filled up pretty much as soon as those storm reports started to come in. Bit of a panic all round here it was.’ She’d said.

He wasn’t sure about the ‘luck’ then, as he’d snatched up the metal key fob and key to room nineteen from the scuffed desktop, and he still wasn’t sure now.
Sure, the room was liveable and cleaner than some he’d stayed in, but it was what seemed to come with it that bothered him.…

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#October – 18 (Just a teen) – #HalloweenMonth #amwriting

Sunday, October 19th 2014

Nobody would blame a kid would they?

Mark Collinson watched from a distance, far enough away for the flames not to singe his eyebrows. That had hurt like hell last time – and he’d know.

Forget all the movies on tales of little cherub-like beelzebubs falling to earth or being born to humans to unleash demonic forces. Mark was bigger than that – and, as a teenager, far more powerful than any satanic toddler.

This kid had set fire to a stack of Omen DVDs on his front porch as soon as he was strong enough to strike a match.

October-time gave him just what he needed – a time to play.…

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#October – 17 (days) – #HalloweenMonth #amwriting

Sunday, October 19th 2014

‘How long’s she been gone?’ Sheriff Duggan knew the answer, just wanted an excuse to use his new notebook was what Martha thought. Just going through the motions.

‘This will be day seventeen, Sheriff.’ She said, brining more coffee and cookies to the table. ‘But, I think you knew that already. What with it being the seventeenth of the month and all.’ She folded her arms as she sat back down on the couch. ‘Question for you people is – what you doing about all this? Year after year it’s the same. Damn town goes crazy, all loopy-loo, and all you people don’t seem to do a damn thing about it.’…

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#October – 15 (Men on a dead man’s chest) – #HalloweenMonth #amwriting

Sunday, October 19th 2014

Once satisfied that they’d taken everything of worth and had sucked the school dry of those they sought out, the pack headed for new pastures.
Fortunately, in Paradise Falls there were plenty of new opportunities and locations to seek out and explore.

‘Let’s do the theme park,’ Danny had shouted, his voice louder and more excitable than the others for the first time since his ‘becoming’.
They’d accepted the suggestion almost as one, the nod of Kat’s head and her sly smile meant that it was the perfect choice and all would follow.
It was halfway through their October, and yet the fun was only just beginning.…

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#October – October’s Valentine – #HalloweenMonth #amwriting

Tuesday, October 14th 2014

This is a really bad idea, Cal thought it through over and over in his head as he sat there, his head held in his hands, perched as he was on the end of the motel bed.
It could never end well, he knew that, and yet his nagging fear was fighting against something much stronger in him – his desire for her, it was something he just knew would get the better of him. He sat there, like a fly in s spider’s web, trapped and unable to move as he remained still and listened.

The constant patter of the water on the shower tray on the other side of the door continued unabated, other than the odd break in its pattern, no doubt as she moved under the flow, diverting its stream with her body.…

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#October – Thir3een – #HalloweenMonth #amwriting

Tuesday, October 14th 2014

Unlucky Jim they called him, but they all knew that the literary reference was wasted on him.
Nobody expected that James McBain had read a book in his life – well, barring comic books that was, although even with those, most of those who knew him thought he mainly looked at the pictures, probably skipped the difficult speech bubbles contained on the colourful pages.

But, today James would have accepted the moniker, albeit for different reasons.

He shivered, his body still soaking wet from his dive into the lake to escape the vicious cloud of hornets that had pursued him from the barn across the other side of old Jed’s field.…

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