Some words of mine, some titles by David Bowie

Tuesday, April 19th 2016


On 9th March 2016 I headed up to London by train for work related stuff and then to stay in town to see Adam Buxton’s sell-out BUG tribute to David Bowie at the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square.

As I travelled I thought about writing a piece peppered with Bowie song titles.

Then I started to grab titles at random from my iPod screen and started scribbling in a notebook…



I was feeling LOW today, so decided to travel STATION TO STATION to try to make myself feel more ALIVE and less of a SHADOW MAN.

Lately, my life has felt like I’M ALWAYS CRASHING THE SAME CAR and I just know that some CHANGES are needed.…

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‘Wilds’ – A #horrorbites challenge

Friday, May 15th 2015

Thanks to Laura for the latest flash fiction challenge via her website with this picture prompt:

He shook his head again.
‘No, Mum. It’s a real big bug – I don’t think any of that stuff will do.’ He said, his eyes scanning the shelves of the shed, trying to read and understand any of the words he saw there, his eyesight blurring.

‘Oh, I’m sure there’ll be something here that’ll do the job just fine. Mummy has something for everything here – everything from ants to wasps, even rats – and they’re pretty big.’ Her eyes went wide in mock terror as she turned to him.…

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Through the lenses #HorrorBites #FlashFiction #amwriting

Saturday, April 18th 2015

Thanks to Laura once again over at for the writing prompt photo for the latest HorrorBites challenge.

Here’s my 350 word effort:

‘You don’t understand. You’ll never understand.’

Billy stamped his feet hard on the concrete path outside the entrance to the next exhibit.

‘Only Granddad did – only him, none of you.’

He saw his mother’s shoulders rise and fall in reluctant acceptance, her head turning and looking at his Billy’s father – he merely held his hands up in defeat.

‘If it means we can get on with things, then I surrender, Billy.’

He reached into the rucksack that was strapped across the rear of Billy’s sister’s buggy, delved around a while and then, when he’d found what he sought, he handed an old rusted and clumsy looking pair of spectacles to Billy.

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I’m on a list (and it’s not a hit list – as far as I know) FlashBang ! #amwriting

Thursday, April 9th 2015

Very pleased to find out this week that my Flash Fiction entry for the annual Crimefest competition has been longlisted, so now nestles nicely alongside eleven others awaiting the next round and the shortlist announcement later this month…..

Here’s the link to FlashBang Contest if you want to check out future news and info – and do, of course, also check out Crimefest.


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Where does the time go….?

Sunday, March 29th 2015

Working on a secret thing just now and tracking back through old emails, I stumbled upon this from November 2011 where I got a mention in ‘Writers’ News’.

2011 !!!! – Where does the time go…?

Well, I have at least managed to now buy a campervan of my own since then – need to get to the writing in it thing though !

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The Burning – #FlashFiction #HorrorBites Challenge #amwriting

Friday, March 20th 2015

Thanks again to Laura at for the visual nudge for a bit of flash fiction under 350 words with this latest photo prompt:


‘He’s been saying for weeks that they’ve been coming for him – at night, at his window. We’ve ignored him, told him that he’s been seeing things, and now this.’
The detective placed a hand on her shoulder in an effort to calm her.
Haven, she remembered his name again, he’d introduced himself as soon as he’d stepped into the house. Detective Inspector George Haven. ‘Haven’ – Like a place of safety she’d thought – that must be a good sign – she’d take comfort in that.…

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Five Sentence Fiction: FORGOTTEN (thanks @PurpleQueenNL & @LillieMcFerrin )

Wednesday, February 25th 2015

Thanks to @PurpleQueenNL over on twitter for the heads up about this Lillie McFerrin’s site and the five sentence fiction challenges there.

The current word nudge is ‘Forgotten’ and here’s my take on that:

 ‘I can’t remember the last time I saw them, okay, please stop asking me the same damn question, I just want someone to tell me where my kids are.’

Shannon slammed her hand against the side of her head, tears filled her eyes.

The two community support officers stayed their ground, knowing that if they approached she could easily run away across the park and get away.

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Horror Bites Challenge

Wednesday, January 28th 2015

Thanks again to Laura at Office Mango for another photo prompt for this piece of flash fiction:


The Ground Below


Who were we kidding?

Just ourselves, I guess. Thinking that just earth or even the concrete we’d started to pour around the bunker would keep them there, hold them in their underground prison.

They wanted out and out was what they were getting, and fast.


Charlie had been the first to be taken – poor bugger didn’t stand a chance to even begin to run. Soon as they were out of the ground they were on him – I hope it was quick, for his sake.…

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Flash Fiction in prep for #FlashbangGang 2015

Friday, January 2nd 2015

Well, after entering the FlashBangGang flash fiction contest for the last few years, I have to admit that I’m struggling a bit this time round.

My consolation this time round is that every word I write at least contributes to the #100kwords100days challenge I’ve made a start on via the FaceBook group, so I see nothing as wasted words anymore.

With that in mind, I’ve thrown a few pieces here (below) – any comment/criticism is, as always, more than welcome and, if you’re interested in entering the competition yourself, here’s the link.



It made no difference.

That’s what he told himself as he rounded the corner, service pistol drawn and sending himself into the hail of bullets that ricocheted all across 5th Avenue.…

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The final gift – (A Horror Bites Challenge)

Thursday, January 1st 2015

Happy New Year everyone.

Thanks to Laura once again for a Horror Bites Challenge – I feel I’m a little late to the party, given the image this time round, but anyway here’s my bit of (un)festive flash fiction based on the photo prompt below:

They’d opened all their gifts, none were left.
Only they remained.

The pair of them left behind in the house.

Stuck there once again with the man who said he was their father and, yes, he might just look a little like him – or at least as they remembered him – but it wasn’t him.…

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