#EyesOpen #London #Art on the streets

Sunday, March 29th 2015

Some more great artwork from the London streets

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#EyesOpen #London #Art on the streets

Monday, March 23rd 2015

A few more images that caught my eye whilst trawling the streets last weekend.

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#EyesOpen – A Photo Post – In and around the wonderful #art of #Shoreditch & #BrickLane

Sunday, March 22nd 2015

A business expo visit this week put me in Shoreditch, an area I’d not ever had the chance to properly explore, and I was so pleased I’d thought to take my camera with me – what a crazy, eclectic, vibrant and inspiring place it is.

I snapped away for hours – and plenty of the images I took could easily set me off on a short story or piece of flash fiction. Please feel free to use an image to kick off anything you’re writing, but I’d appreciate a link back to here to say where you got the photo from, thanks.…

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#EyesOpen – A photo post – London sculptures

Friday, January 23rd 2015

Had to snap away at some of the sculpture work I spied whilst walking between meetings in London today.

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#EyesOpen – A Photo Post

Friday, January 2nd 2015

Today saw my son and I doing the London comic, book and record shops thing, as we often do.

In doing so, we came across this find in Waterstones.

Now, whilst I have nothing but admiration for Mr Ellroy with the detail and sheer volume of work that goes into his books, I cannot help but feel that he could put a little more effort into things when it comes to signing stock : )

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#EyesOpen – A photo post – Combined with New Year’s Day and ‘The Death House’ by Sarah Pinborough

Thursday, January 1st 2015

New Year’s Day.

A time for moving on, for looking forward, for setting all those goals we might just make in the next twelve months but most likely will forget within the coming weeks and months.

I’m as guilty as anyone of setting resolutions or foolhardy goals each year but rarely broadcast them as I’m certain to fall on my arse and leave the ammunition right here for others to say ‘But you said you’d……’ etc.

But I will throw them down here at that risk.

In 2015 my plans are loosely as follows;

To see more of the people that mean the most to me – family and friends, even if that might only be snatched days and moments when I can, it’ll be an improvement on what I’ve failed to do much of in the past year.…

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#EyesOpen – A Photo Post

Wednesday, December 31st 2014

How handy that the new library in Penge has had this additional helpful guide installed on a post outside – you know, for those who may wonder what this unusual new outlet is for…..

I suppose it’s a nice touch that it’s ‘THE READER’ and not ‘THE E-READER’ and hope that the library’s new location means the place gets used to full advantage, it’s very smart inside too.

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#EyesOpen – A photo post

Sunday, December 28th 2014

As I’m trying to get out and walk more nowadays, I’m also hoping it’ll increase my chances of noticing things I wouldn’t normally see whilst behind the wheel of a car.

So, with new pocket camera ready to go, today I stumbled across these bookish carvings on a bench area around a tree outside the old library/Home Park in lower Sydenham.

Never would have seen these if I’d been driving by.


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