Work in progress: A Long December – A Detective Inspector George Haven Novella

Tuesday, May 14th 2013

I’ve had the drafts of ‘A Long December’ kicking around for more years than I can care to remember now, every so often taking it from the drawer, dabbling and editing a while, before returning it there again.

It’s the first story I ever wrote with my character Detective Inspector George Haven and, as so, is a very personal book – that might explain why I have always been reluctant to release it for comment/criticism.

In fact I have only ever let a version of it outside of the house on its own once (back in 2009), for the appraisal and consideration of Lynne Patrick of Creme de la Crime who, although saying it wasn’t for them, did make the following comments, making it a nice rejection letter, but a rejection letter just the same:

‘you’ve created one of the most powerful opening images I’ve ever seen.’…

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