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Monday, March 2nd 2015

Something I read today made me sad, then it made me angry, then it made me want to do something.

So, I wrote this little piece and, if you want to help, it will be greatly appreciated by those who need it most:

He’d never even met her, so his reasons for the clawing sadness in his gut were confusing to him.
It had to do with the cruel hand that had been dealt, that’s all he could put it down to. It simply wasn’t just, wasn’t right.

Whilst across the world men killed men, men hurt women, men left children damaged – how could it be that a person who didn’t have a single bad bone in her body be snatched away so cruelly?…

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Horror Bites Challenge #3

Sunday, April 27th 2014

Thanks again to Laura at www.officemango.com for another horror short prompt in the form of a photograph.

Here’s my effort (below) – make sure you visit her site to read other entries and to take part yourself:

The Journey.


The first few times it had scared her – given her bad dreams – made her afraid to travel that way again.

But she had to – the only way she could get to visit her friend in the childrens’ ward was by train, this train – so close to London Bridge Station, it just made sense.


The first one had been on a Tuesday afternoon.…

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Living Doll: Horror Bites Challenge #2

Sunday, April 20th 2014

Thanks to Laura over at Office Mango for yet another unnerving picture prompt for a piece of flash fiction.

Here goes……

Living doll

She saw it twitch.
Was certain of it, but she said nothing – not wanting to appear the fool in front of her friends but sure that, before long, one of them was also bound to see it move.

Maybe by then though it would be too late, maybe it would be even more animated, perhaps moving quickly. In her mind’s eye it was already dragging itself across the wooden floor on its tiny claw-like hands, reaching up and grabbing the nearest leg it could reach as they all sat there, sinking sharp fangs into soft flesh, drawing blood quickly, drinking it down in thirsty gulps.…

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Sunday, March 9th 2014

Still buzzing from all the info soaked up like a sponge at London Author Fair, I have finally started to use goodreads more.

I have a stack of older reviews I need to get posted on there and need to organise my own books there too in time.

I’ve made a start and have launched an author page there too.

It should link to the blog here so, if you follow me on goodreads you should get the news on anything I say here too – at least that’s the theory.

To find me over there and link up, please click this LINK.…

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Festive Freebie #4: Open Wounds – FREE download ebook for 48 hrs.

Thursday, December 19th 2013

Okay, now it’s the turn of my supernatural novella ‘Open Wounds’ to get the Festive Freebie treatment.

‘escaping fate was just the beginning…’

Free to download HERE.

Hope you enjoy.

Please do leave a review if you have the time, thanks.

Sophie was due to be on a plane in the New York skies on 11th September 2001. 
She wasn’t, and has always thought that her grandmother did something very special to prevent that happening. 
Sophie escaped fate but has been haunted ever since by nightmares of those who may yet to be discovered from the aftermath of that fateful day. 

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Festive Freebie #3: Deadline – seven short crime stories featuring DI George Haven

Wednesday, December 18th 2013

Day 3 of my ebook freebies and it’s all getting a bit criminal.

Deadline is available today and for the next 48 hrs for free – please do go ahead and download, read and, if you’d be so kind, drop a short review on amazon, thanks.

Here’s the LINK to get your copy.

And a few of the early reviews:
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Set in south London, this is a collection of short stories which all feature DI Haven and his various sidekicks.
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Something’s coming….

Tuesday, December 17th 2013

Coming soon:

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Festive Freebie #2: ‘Neverville’ ebook

Tuesday, December 17th 2013

Okay, ‘Good for One Fare’ remains free for today if you haven’t grabbed a download of that just yet.

And now, added to the festive freebie pot today and for the next 48 hrs, there’s ‘Neverville’ – my children’s fantasy adventure book.

Sometimes it’s not getting your children into books that’s the problem,

it’s getting them back out……….

5.0 out of 5 stars It was EPIC 8 April 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I liked this book because it made me feel like Neverville was a real place. One of the best kids books I’ve read in a long time.
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Covers revamped

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013

After a few days of little else but writing, I decided to freshen up my very tired looking covers.

I’m pretty pleased with them, but any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Next, to update them and my author pic on amazon and then trouble my good buddy and website man to update the site with them for me.

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So, then this happened….Bloody Scotland !

Tuesday, August 20th 2013

I was totally gobsmacked on Sunday afternoon to see that I’d been shortlisted for the Bloody Scotland short story competition, and even more so by the flurry of congrats and kind messages on twitter and the other place after the news broke – showing, once again, just what a lovely bunch of people crime fiction fans and authors are.

My story ‘Bishop’ is online at the Bloody Scotland website if you want to take a look, and maybe cast a vote should you wish to do so.



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