The Thirteenth Coffin by Nigel McCrery

Thursday, December 24th 2015

Published by Quercus on 31st December

THE THIRTEENTH COFFIN is the latest book following DCI Mark Lapslie, a slightly broken, rather grumpy policeman with a difference – he suffers from synaesthesia, a rare neurological condition, which means tastes sounds. Part psychological thriller, part police procedural, these books are very dark, clever and completely engrossing.

Stretching along the shelf, standing upright, were twelve wooden coffins. Nine were closed, and three open … with little dolls standing inside them …

It was supposed to be the most special day of her life – until the unthinkable happened. Leslie Petersen is shot dead on her wedding day.

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Alone with the Dead by James Nally #AloneWithTheDead

Friday, October 9th 2015

Published by Avon

Meet PC Donal Lynch.
Irish runaway. Insomniac. Functioning alcoholic.

Donal is new to working the beat in London, trying his
best to forget that night. After all, there aren’t many police
officers who can say they have a convicted murderer
for an ex-girlfriend.

So when a woman is murdered on his patch, Donal throws
himself into the case. As the first person on the scene,
Donal can’t forget the horrific sight that faced him – and
he knows this case can’t go unsolved. But how do you
solve a case with no lead suspect and no evidence?

As his past catches up with him, Donal is forced to confront
his demons and the girl he left behind.

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Gun Street Girl – Adrian McKinty

Wednesday, September 16th 2015

Published by Serpent’s Tail

Belfast, 1985. Gunrunners on the borders, riots in the cities, The Power of Love on the radio. And somehow, hanging on, is Detective Inspector Sean Duffy, a Catholic policeman in the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

The usual rounds of riot duty and sectarian murders are interrupted when a wealthy couple are shot dead while watching TV. Their son jumps to his death, leaving a note claiming responsibility. But something doesn’t add up, and people keep dying.

Soon Sean Duffy, Belfast’s most roguish detective, is on the trail of a mystery that will pit him against shadowy US national security forces, and take him into the white-hot heart of the biggest political scandal of the decade.

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RIP Henning Mankell: An Event in Autumn

Sunday, August 23rd 2015

Sad to hear of the loss of Wallander’s creator, Henning Mankell, after battling cancer for some time.

He leaves behind a legacy of great reading and, as a result, some superb crime television too.

Recently I read and thoroughly enjoyed this one:




Published by Vintage

Although written some years ago, and selected as one of the stories adapted for the Kenneth Branagh incarnation of the Swedish detective for the BBC television series, An Event in Autumn is only just about to see the light of day as a published novella in the UK in September,thanks to Vintage Books.…

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Terry Pratchett – A Slip of the Keyboard

Wednesday, July 15th 2015

Published by Corgi

It’s taken me a while to finish this book.

The reasoning behind that I’ve only just accepted as I finished and closed it tonight.

It feels, as it is I suppose, like closing a door as a friend leaves but you want them to stick around a bit longer, just for another pint, or another cup of tea, or perhaps another story or two, or three.

Set out as short essays and pieces throughout the master storyteller’s career and his comments one everything from his fiction, to life, and to death, I found it a warming and humorous read throughout, even in its darker and sadder moments.…

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The Hunt by T.J.Lebbon

Tuesday, June 23rd 2015

Published by Avon

I took on the challenge of The Hunt in two bursts of frenetic reading – with a necessary pause to refuel on the energy snacks and drinks, plus a change of footwear, required to get me through.

From the gripping opening chapter, I was caught and sent headlong down a trail of mystery and thrills.

It’s an intensive run through Chris Sheen’s nightmare chase through an unforgiving landscape, dodging and yet willing on the pursuit by those out to hunt and kill him, whilst trying to ensure that his kidnapped family will be set free from the sinister group who hold them captive.…

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Bound to Secrecy by Vamba Sherif

Friday, May 29th 2015

Published by HopeRoad

William Mawolo arrives in a remote Liberian border town with a secret mission: to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the paramount chief Tetese. The locals, however – police force and citizens alike – are far from happy about his presence, and their hostility is increasing daily, threatening to boil over. At the same time, Mawolo is drawn to the departed chief’s daughter, Makemeh, who for some reason doesn’t seem to be too concerned about her missing father. Mawolo wonders why? Intrigued, he decides to stay longer than required – and even attempts to take charge of the town.…

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Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones (Seasons 3 & 4) by C.A. Taylor

Saturday, May 16th 2015

Published by Gollancz


HBO’s GAME OF THRONES is one of the most remarkable success stories of recent television. Critically acclaimed, a ratings smash and going from strength to strength, the series will define fantasy for years to come.

This second official companion book, following the hugely successful INSIDE HBO’S GAME OF THRONES, gives fans new ways to enter the world of Westeros and discover more about the beloved (and reviled) characters and the electrifying plotlines. Hundreds of set photos, production and costume designs, storyboards and insider stories reveal how the show’s creators translate George R.R. Martin’s bestselling fantasy series for the screen.

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Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo

Monday, May 11th 2015

Published by Vintage

Olav lives the lonely life of a fixer.

When you ‘fix’ people for a living – terminally – it’s hard to get close to anyone.

Now he’s finally met the woman of his dreams.

But there are two problems.

She’s his boss’s wife.

And Olav’s just been hired to kill her.


With a central character in Olav, who seems destined to be on a continued path of frying pan to fire throughout the relatively short running time, this reminded me of Nesbo’s earlier novel Headhunters (and the movie spawned from it).

If noir is where things start off bad and then get worse, then this is noir.…

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AMOK – From Audible – A New Original Audio Drama – Psychological Thriller

Sunday, May 10th 2015

I was very pleased to be offered the chance (thanks to Midas PR) to try out this a brand new release from, starring Rafe Spall (Prometheus and Life of Pi), Adrian Lester (Hustle and Merlin) and Natasha McElhone (Californication and The Truman Show). If you enjoyed The Child, you’ll love AMOK, which is from the same author, bestselling novelist Sebastian Fitzek.

Narrated by Robert Glenister, along with a full cast, soundtrack and some great sound effects along the way, I thoroughly enjoyed the eight hours running time like a fine dvd box set -indeed, I did find the depth of story and compelling characters akin in many ways to the best of the finest Nordic Noir we enjoy on the tv.…

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