The Hunting Ground – An interview with Cliff McNish and a chance to win one of five copies for your own sleepless nights.

Thursday, December 29th 2011

To celebrate the January paperback release of the excellent novel ‘The Hunting Ground’ by Cliff McNish, those lovely people at Indigo/Orion have provided Books and Writers with FIVE COPIES TO BE WON by readers of this blog.

The following is my chat with the author of this great scare-fest, and you can read my review of the book here.

After you’ve had a read of the review and the interview, please leave a comment below with your email address (using ‘AT’ instead of @ to confuse pesky spambots) and I’ll enter you in the draw to win one of the copies for your very own sleepless nights.…

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The most ‘striking’ book jackets in modern Crime Fiction – Designer James Edgar drops in for a chat.

Wednesday, September 28th 2011

A little while back at the wonderful Goldsboro Books  for the launch of the great first adult crime novel by Eoin Colfer, PLUGGED, Headline’s Sam Eades kindly introduced me to James Edgar, the man behind the great iconic cover (see left).

Now, I’m very pleased to be able to be able to offer something a bit different in that this is not a book review, or an author interview, but a great chat with someone who is behind one of the most important parts of book-buying – the jacket.  Something that in the e-edition age is probably more important than ever to pursuade  wavering purchasers that a great hardcover would look very cool on their bookshelf rather than just hitting a download button on their pc or ereader.…

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Chris Carter knows serial killers and he drops by to have a chat…..

Wednesday, September 21st 2011

Following on from The Crucifix Killer and The Executioner, Chris Carter scared the hell out of me once again with the fiendish kills in The Night Stalker.

He kindly dropped by to answer a few questions about his books and made this interviewee feel very ashamed that I hadn’t researched enough to know where he lived…..just hope that no one he knows knows where I live (gulp!)

KBW: Where did the idea behind the devices and the built up tables come from?  That is truly the stuff of nightmares.

CC: The truth is, the idea behind the killing devices in The Night Stalker didn’t come from anywhere in particular, but my head (I know, scary, isn’t it?). 

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HIT GIRLS and Dreda Say Mitchell drops in for a chat.

Monday, September 12th 2011

Published by Hodder.

I feel like I have just made a discovery when reading my first Dreda Say Mitchell novel, but the great news is that I am late to the party and now need to get back to reading her four novel backlist.

Hit Girls is a fast paced East End gangster tale packed full of great characters, each of whom has clear motive for their actions,good or bad, leaving the reader reeling page after page.

The opening, where ten year old twin sisters are killed by a 4×4 vehicle outside their school and a young boy is left fighting for his life is real heart-in-mouth stuff, particlularly resonant on this, the first week of my own experiences of the morning and afternoon school runs.…

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An Interview with CJ Box – at Harrogate Crime Writing Festival.

Sunday, September 4th 2011

With thanks to FMcM Associates and Corvus, I was able to spend an enjoyable breakfast with multi-award winning author C.J.Box during his stay at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival.

Due to the full-on experience I was having there this year (attending pretty much every event every day) the only time slot I had available was between 8am and 9am on the Saturday. Fortunately, Chuck (as he likes to be called) was staying in the Holiday Inn for his first night’s stop and was very accommodating in joining me at the early hour, considering he was zipping around all over the place on his tour to promote the new standalone, BACK OF BEYOND.…

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We talk CARVER with Tom Cain

Friday, August 26th 2011

Out now from Bantam Press, CARVER is the latest high-octane thriller from Tom Cain, an explosive episode in the great series featuring Samuel Carver, who this time round is faced with the battle against the threat of financial terrorism.

Malachi Zorn is playing the markets, checking which will offer the biggest payouts in the event of a disaster.

Was the Lehman Brothers collapse more than met the eye? And, if it was, then London looks set to be a huge new target.

A fast paced, adrenaline ride of a book, but one that also has an intelligent plot behind the great action sequences.…

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Craig Robertson takes a break from packing his case for Harrogate to drop by for a quick chat.

Wednesday, July 20th 2011

Ahead of his appearance at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival, where he’s sharing a panel entitled ‘Wrong ‘Uns’ with Mandasue Heller, Denise Mina, Alex Wheatle and chaired by James Twining, Craig Robertson dropped by to have a quick chat with Books and Writers as the ink dries on the first draft of his third crime novel.

I can’t wait for book three, as I loved both Random and Snapshot.

I think I’m right in saying that last year you were at Harrogate on the Creative Writing day ? (as was I).

Clearly, you did a lot better than I since then, so would you be willing to take a break for a while, now you have two great books out there and a third one drafted, so you can come and deal with my family whilst I give this writing lark a shot?  

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Tana French drops in to Books and Writers for a chat.

Wednesday, July 13th 2011

I’m very grateful that Tana French could stop by at Books and Writers for a bit of a Q&A as part of her blog tour for the release of Faithful Place.

Here’s what we had a chance to chat about:

Keith: Firstly, I’d like to say that I really enjoyed the book.

Tana: Thank you very much 🙂

I realise that a large percentage of crime fiction readers are women, but wondered if that is more often the case with your books as there is such a strong family story constructed and with backstory, rather than a standard more linear book based solely on the crime event that would probably appeal more to male readers?

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The Black Sea by VP Von Hoehen

Saturday, July 2nd 2011

Out now from Black Mary Press and available on amazon.

I have to confess I had an early problem with this, the first Kate Allen (investigative journalist) novel, but I also take some pleasure in reporting that the problem I had with it had apparently committed suicide by page 12, and from then on I really enjoyed it.

The issue I had was with the character of French actor, Rene Socarov (the French George Clooney) and, in particular with the author choosing to allow him to speak on the page in a ‘zis and zat’ almost mock French accent throughout his short stay in the book.  …

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S.J. Watson Interviewed ahead of the 7th Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, Harrogate.

Saturday, July 2nd 2011

Hot from his US tour and just ahead of his appearance at this year’s Harrogate Crime Writing Festival, S.J.Watson was very kind to offer some time to give Books and Writers an interview on the success of his debut novel, Before I Go to Sleep, his writing and the way ahead for a much anticipated second novel.

Keith B Walters:  As a fantastic ambassador for the Faber Academy and creative writing classes in general, could you pinpoint the one key thing or tip you personally gained from the experience of doing that course?

S.J. Watson:  It’s difficult to choose just one!…

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