Like reading YA books? – Here’s a chip off the old block

Saturday, March 1st 2014
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Dead Man’s Cove (A Laura Marlin Mystery) by Lauren St John

Friday, February 11th 2011

Published by Orion Children’s Books

This is an all new book for a series, (continued in august 2011) called the Laura Marlin mysteries and is a brilliant example of a children’s detective mystery.

Laura Marlin is a small girl between the age of 9-11 who embarks on a dangerous mission when she is sent from an orphanage to her newly found uncle Calvin Redferns’ house in St Ives, Cornwall.

Her uncle seems intent on erasing his past- no photos or even magnets from a vacation can be found in his home!

Getting weirder by the second, whilst Laura was taking a trip on her local beach, a message in a bottle is found on the sand.…

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The 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison – REVIEW NUMBER 2 (Georgia’s view).

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

A few posts back I reviewed this (the first in Michelle Harrison’s trilogy) and I am looking forward to meeting Michelle, along with other authors, tomorrow at her Publishers (Simon & Schuster).

When I received my copy, my daughter raced to get her own copy from her room – she’d yet to read it – and so a race commenced.

I won.

But, now, here’s Georgia’s review of The 13 Treasures:

This book was brilliant right from the start!

Every page was filled with faeries and mysteries, leaving me up all night just thinking about it.

I love the way the story unravels at the end and the everlasting thrilling suspense given to the main characters Tanya and Fabian.…

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The Thin Executioner by Darren Shan

Sunday, January 16th 2011
…aaannnddd, here’s Georgia with her second guest review:
Out now from Harper Collins Childrens’ Books.
The Thin Executioner is one of the most gripping tales ever by Darren Shan – there were lots of unexpected twists, keeping me wondering what’s going to happen next… I couldn’t stop reading from the start, a young boy called Jebel Rum set off on a quest to visit a god called Sabbah Eid who could make him invincible. Jebel Rum decided to do this because he was too thin and weak to wield the executioner’s axe belonging to his dad, turning him into the laughing stock of the Abu Saga (his home land).
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Girl, Missing – by Sophie McKenzie

Tuesday, December 28th 2010


When this release from Simon and Schuster came through the door, my 10 year old daughter leapt upon it, having heard great things about Sophie McKenzie’s books from her schoolfriends.

So, hey, I decided to let her have first read – she had the book at 5pm that evening and stayed up until she closed the book at 11pm – needless to say, I think she enjoyed it !

Here’s what Georgia had to say;

I could not put this book down!

Thrilling suspense was in every jam packed page, making you want to know the end so soon- was Lauren kidnapped?…

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